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Joe Andersen - Skills and Abilities

Implementation Skills

Having worked in project management and operations management, I have been responsible for implementing new procedures and processes within an existing organization.  This can be challenging but with experience it has become easier to implement and more effective.


Growing up on a farm, I continually had to fix machinery with limited resources. From those experiences along with having a creative mind, I am effectively able to implement innovative ideas and practices to solve work related issues.


Being an efficient worker has been a very important tool for me during my experience at the university.  I have always worked 30+ hours per week while carrying 15+ credits each semester.  This has forced me to work to be as efficient as possible in most aspects of my life.

Managing Skills

I believe that management skills are one of the most important factors in fostering a successful work environment.  I also believe that these skills can be learned and applied.  I have been able to study management principles and theory at the same time working in a management capacity and implementing the knowledge.

Cultural Perspective

As the American work force is becoming much more culturally diverse, an encompassing cultural perspective is increasingly important.  I lived and worked in a foreign country and learned to take advantage of and appreciate cultural differences.

Problem Solving Ability

In tasks, I excel in identifying solutions to problems impeding the progress of completing the tasks.  I personally feel that this is one of my stronger skills that I have relied on to obtain success in my professional life as well as my personal life.

Self- Starting

I think a self starter has a great sense of individual responsibility that is less obvious in team environments but with equal importance.  Most of my work experience has allowed me to set my own schedule, work as many hours as necessary with limited supervision because I have proven to be self starting and responsible.


In the workplace, I have a great ability to perceive what will be required to complete tasks and any time constraints.  I am also very perceptive of people’s abilities and competencies.  This has proven to be very beneficial to me in team environments because I have a better understanding of the dynamics of the group and use these perceptions to successfully perform the tasks.


I am a very reliable person.  I have a strong sense of the importance of satisfying what is expected of me in a timely manner.  I work hard and have great skills that allow me to perform tasks well, consistently.

Presentation Skills

I am a very competent presenter.  I can maintain a calm demeanor and stand up in front of many people and confidently present information in a thoughtful and intelligent way.

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