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Career Summary & Goals

I believe that success is the  balancing of many things; education, family, work, and personal pursuits.  It means being able to maintain that balance while striving to grow and be better at and enjoy each of them. 

My dream job would be to work in international operations.  I enjoy the challenges associated with international business and learning to appreciate and understand other cultures.  Perfection would be having the flexibility to work out of home on my farm in Idaho, while constantly traveling between the US and other countries.

I feel passionate about and love life and especially the people with whom I am closest; my family and friends.  I truly love the outdoors, sports, and personal fitness activities and pursue them as often as I can.  I have found that discovering new ideas and continually challenging myself enhances the things I enjoy and often presents me with unexpected pleasures.


3-6 Months

  • ·         Graduate in August of 2008 with a Bachelors in Business Administration
  • ·         Acquire employment at Del Monte Foods in Modesto, CA

6-12 Months

  • ·         Begin an Italian language course
  • ·         Start restoring my 1966 Mustang
  • ·         Get married
  • ·         Begin investing for retirement

     Beyond 12 Months·   

  • ·         Build a home
  • ·         Travel to Europe – Italy
  • ·         Secure a position working in International Operations
  • ·         Begin taking courses working toward a Masters in Business

Opportunities to Explore

  • ·         Take advantage of Del Monte continuing education to become a more insightful employee and increase my marketability
  • ·         Work with Del Monte to obtain a black belt in 6 Sigma

Skills to Develop

  • ·         Develop enhanced managerial skills through experience and training
  • ·         Develop my language skills by taking courses and visiting foreign cultures
  • ·         Develop investment skills by doing research and working with an investment professional

What I Care About in a Work Environment

·         To me, there are things that are very important  in a work environment.  I feel that it is important that the environment be neutral of hostility and social discomfort.  The environment must be challenging, offering opportunity for growth.   It is also imperative that good business ethics are being practiced by all levels within the organization.

Personal Goals

·         My personal goals are focused around continually improving myself and my situation through education, both traditional and less traditional methods.  It is also important to me to find financial stability in life through progressing in my career and achieving my goals.


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